I Am Beautiful


How many times have you made that statement about yourself? How many times have you looked in the mirror and realized you are beautiful? Beauty comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and continents. We spend too much time wishing for perfection when the truth is, it is right in front of us, staring back from our reflection in the mirror.

In the spring of 2010, Jessica Simpson debuted her reality show, “The Price of Beauty”. Even though it only lasted one season, it had a real impact on me. Jessica Simpson and two of her friends traveled all over the world to explore cultures, fashions, and what was considered beautiful. It was watching this show when I started to really think about what is deemed beautiful. Each culture has a different idea. That show opened my eyes to the different forms female beauty takes.

As a woman, I am beautiful. My body is not perfect; I have stretch marks, wide hips, and a tummy pouch. Each of these things is a physical representation of the three perfect lives I nurtured both inside and outside of my body. I have wrinkles in the corners of my eyes and along my mouth from the 32 years I have spent on this earth laughing, smiling, crying, and being angry. These lines and scars are the map of my life.

Beauty comes in many different forms from many different places. From the Kayan Lahwi women of Burma with their neck rings, to the facial scarification of the Sudan, to the ear stretching Huaorani tribe of the Amazon Basin, to the elderly lady feeding birds in the park: women show their beauty. I challenge you to look in the mirror and see the beauty in that reflection. Take a picture and put it out there so everyone can see the beautiful person you are.

I am beautiful.

We are all beautiful.

Angela Clark is a contributor for Healthspo to see more from Angela click here.