An Expert’s Guide to Fighting the Summer Slide

The famed “summer slide” is about to hit homes across America as schools close their doors for the summer and children trade their backpacks for the beach. Experts cite a two month loss of skills during the long summer vacation that so many students enjoy and teachers from all over the country will tell you stories of getting their students “back in the swing” of school come September.Challenging children throughout the summer will keep them focused, energized, and most importantly, ready for school in the fall. There are a few simple ways to maintain your child’s skills and passion for learning.

Find your favorite authors on Facebook or Twitter and see if they have a book tour planned this summer. Prepare by reading- or re-rereading- other titles from the author. Ask your children to draft a list of questions they might ask the author if they have the chance to meet her.

Make friends with the librarian. Though much of our search for knowledge is internet-based, establishing a connection with the librarian at your child’s school and your public library will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable resource. Encourage your child to discuss his likes and dislikes with the librarian so she may suggest alternate titles or authors. She will surely let you know when a new book is on its way and your child can have the excitement of being the first to check out a new story.

Stay ahead of the game. Most school districts keep their curriculum online so take a peek at what your child will be learning in the fall and discuss find ways to incorporate these topics into your plans. Your child’s teacher will be impressed when he makes a connection from the text to his summer adventures.

Your excitement about learning is contagious so the more information you share with your child, the more he will crave information. A simple trip to the museum or a good book could be all it takes to keep your child’s passion for education strong and get him ready for new adventures this fall.